So I had a week break from school where I got to go thrifting, I got this blazer for like 4 bucks and cut up and bleached these shorts, they were bell-bottoms and I knew I wasn't going to wear them again.. These pics are not clear because my friend took them with her phone. I don't have a digital camera :( I took these in my drama class that's why I'm on stage... Well and I'm an actress, and I love it!!!

Blazer: Thrifted
Sequins Stripped Top: Thrifted
Bleached Light Wash Shorts: Crafted by me
Metalic Platform Shoes: Payless
Bag: Speigel
White Beaded Earings: Thrifted

If you didn't know, most of my clothes are thrifted!!


SANDRA said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! you should concider clogs they are soo cool! zara has some great ones that are not so chunky..

much love, Sandra http://5inchandup.blogspot.com/

shellsea said...

When I first saw this I said "ohn go head girl" then I saw the shoes are from payless, fabulous! You see you don't have to splurge to put something together.

Silvia Couture said...

great thrifted purple blazer


showing some Georiga love

Lindsay LeBoyer said...

Love this outfit!

follow and commenttt =)

BBM said...

hey love! thanks so much for ure sweet comments in my lil blog! i REALLY appreciate it! i see ure keeping things cute around here. and look at u with ure sequins! work it girl! ;-)

love and blessings,


that outfit is AMAZING i love it :)


CHEMBO said...

your look is soo pulled together and yet so effortless...gosh! and i love dem shoez man..i wish we had payless in britain i'd be on it.

sibelle said...

i like your shoes

danai said...

thanks for making a comment. i like your blog a lot, now i'll follow.

Emi Troy said...

Love the outfit! You look fabulous!

xx Emi


Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a great outfit!! I'm in love with your bag! xoxoxoxoxo

www.majormusthaves.com said...

Love your shorts.

LaurenSchoon said...

Aren't thrift stores the greatest?

Nicole Jarecz said...

very cute, i like those jean shorts!

Vinda Sonata said...

OMG. really beautiful outfit! you look very laidback-cool! most of them are thrifted? wow. you have great sense of style <3

Ali Skye said...

thanks so much for the comment on my blog!!!

i absolutely adore this purple blazer! and it looks great on you!!!!

visit my blog again soon! i'll be sure to keep up with yours! i'm now your new follower!

Ali Skye

Vincent Bronner said...

Your blog is interesting. And your comments also are really interesting.

Margaret said...

gosh you're thin :)
love your blazer!!
and thanks for the super sweet comment
stop back soon! xx

Siscy said...

killer heels!

Tania said...

congrats for thrifting! I'm rubbish at that, but I own plenty of hand-me-downs ^^
I love the shorts, and how the shoes and bag match!


Missy said...

fab finds and fab outfit!

For everything about fashion:

Nataliexxx said...

Cute look! I have a similar blazer

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