Hi, First Blog. Yay! So about prom??

Helloooo Blogging Community. I'll keep it short. I am a highschool senior... in Georgia :[ I gotta get back to the west coast LIKE NOW ( I'm from Las Vegas) I am an actress, artist, and a model .... kinda.

(random photo shoot on the wall at school)

"The Tempest" Performed at The New Atlanta Shakespaere Tavern
( P.S. I'm the one above the lady with the polka dots, chea... I played a dude.)

"The Wiz" ( Tinman, Lion, Scarecrow and Me.. Dorothy!!)

       So I'm going to prom with my ex-boyfriend Blake. I love love love my prom outfit I will post pictures afterwards. Here are some really cute prom dresses I found. As you can see I love short dresses.
Everything from Forever21.com

Now these dresses are horrible for prom (in my oppinion)

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