15 more days!


( Ha! Theatre props in the background)

(Me and my friend Angie)

(scarf around the waist: yay or nay??)

Dress: (Thrifted) Platos Closet
Shoes: Cato
Jacket: (Thrifted) Goodwill
Scarf: Ross
Bag: (Thrifted) Goodwill
Earings: Beauty Supply Store

            And here is are some of my favorite fashion sketches, I started most of these junior year. I downloaded these corquises online and took it away from there. All of these are copyrighted, and my not be used anywhere else without my permission 2010... but enjoy.

( Title Page)


( My favorite, you can read my notes good in this one. )

( Flapper inspired, love this one)


Here are my couture peices:


                         So highschool is almost over and graduation day is near, I am so giddy. Senioritus is getting me, but I'm gonna pull through it. So I was gonna wear this old acid wash jean blazer my granny had in the back of her closet, but I decided to go with this old jean jacket I bought at Goodwill. Love that place.

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Stripes at the Tavern!!

( On the stage at school in the drama room... I poke my lips out..... alot...)

Ok, so I got these boots for like $20, and the second day after I wore them I scuffed them up!!!  really bad because I was walking in them all day around Oglethorpe Univeristy during a Shakespeare Competition. My family always laughs and makes fun of me whenever I wear them because they are so scuffed up, but like my friend Bernice said " it gives them character"!!! And I love them.

( Ha! My friend Minta getting in the way!!)

              I was completely breaking the dress code for my school that day, but I didn't care, we would only be in the drama room for a couple of minutes till the bus came to take us to the Tavern downtown.

(On the bus!! I didn't ride the bus this year, since I'm a senior and all I think I'm to cool for school. But riding the bus with my drama friends is always fun... and loud.)

( made it to the Tavern, had to take a pic on this wall..)

( me being dangerous. bwahhahhah, with Juliet on her knees behind me!!)

(with my friend Angie a.k.a. Benvolio!! yes... we wear shades inside.... )

 (me doing my death stance)

         Ok, so we had stage combat classes with the guy behind me with the white hat, he specialized specifically in sword fighting. Now the rapier I'm holding is a real sword, bwhahhahha!!! Only it was not sharpened, but the wrong move at the wrong time could possibly kill someone, so when fighting with these on stage I had to be Uuber careful! And the person I was fighting is behind me in the green, his name is John...

( Dahhhhhhhhhh!!!, me and my friend Kyle!! ... not being safe  : )

( going to lunch a couple of blocks away from the Tavern)

I love downtown Atlanta, the city is so awesome, I hate living in the suburbs!!!

Shirt: (Thrifted)
Shorts: (Thrifted) $4 Goodwill
Tights: Walmart
Vest: Walmart
Shoes: 5-7-9
Bag: Speigel
Necklace: (Thifted)
Earings: (Thrifted)

 Me as Mercutio and Cree!!!

(practicing my Queen Mab monologue)

Me and Tybalt fight... I die.. : (

                             Yay, so our production of Romeo and Juliet was soooooo successful, lots of people showed up ( mainly because it was extra credit for an English class),... but still it was a great night for our drama department. For the graduating seniors: me, my friends: Angie, Kyle, Anna, Kacey, it was our last play of high school... tear tear..... We went to school in the morning, and then we left for..... the oh so fancy New Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern which is modeled to look exactly like what a tavern would look like in Shakespeare's day and age. We were there practicing from 9 a.m. to about 9:30 p.m. until after the show.. Playing Mercutio was so much fun, I loved it.

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Florals and Zippers!! Yay!

                  So I love this outfit. I wore everthing to prom except for the white top, dress, and necklace. There is this awesome... awesome girl named Cree in my drama class who will photograph my outfits for me from now on... YAY FOR CREE!! We are practicing for our production of Romeo and Juliet next Monday: I am Mercutio, and he is awesome.

(Didn't mean to cut my head off... but I kinda like it)

Me and Cree!!!

(Ha, my face)

( Zippers!!)

( I love the zipper detail)

(On stage practing the masquerade scene.... I wear mitch-match socks.... alot, not on purpose )

Jacket: H&M
White Shirt: (Thrifted)
Dress: is H&M but (Thrifted) only like $3
Tights: Dillards
Shoes: Dillards
Necklace: 5-7-9
Bag: (Thrifted)

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Jessica Nell

So This is Jessica Nell...

                 She is an up and coming photograhper from my high school. One day she came into my drama class with her camera and I was like.. ugh.. can we shoot?? So we did. Here are the photos she took of me outside of school:

I asked her what is her inspiration??

I love portraiture. Nothing evokes more emotion than the human face. I try and capture people's personalities, and let them give you a glimpse of their story....
Here is more of her work:

(my friend Kyle he is an awesome dancer!!)

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