Florals and Zippers!! Yay!

                  So I love this outfit. I wore everthing to prom except for the white top, dress, and necklace. There is this awesome... awesome girl named Cree in my drama class who will photograph my outfits for me from now on... YAY FOR CREE!! We are practicing for our production of Romeo and Juliet next Monday: I am Mercutio, and he is awesome.

(Didn't mean to cut my head off... but I kinda like it)

Me and Cree!!!

(Ha, my face)

( Zippers!!)

( I love the zipper detail)

(On stage practing the masquerade scene.... I wear mitch-match socks.... alot, not on purpose )

Jacket: H&M
White Shirt: (Thrifted)
Dress: is H&M but (Thrifted) only like $3
Tights: Dillards
Shoes: Dillards
Necklace: 5-7-9
Bag: (Thrifted)

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the zipper trend is huge and i love love love your outfit you look amazing :)


Lori said...

i love your tights and your shoes ;)

heyhayley6 said...

those zipper shoes and necklace are amazing! I love the zipper trend :)


Kelly said...

You look great!!!!
Your shoes are amazing!!!!
Love them!


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - I love yours. Romeo and Julliet is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays. I am going to see a press review on April 26th in Liverpool with two rival street gangs form the city taking the parts of The Caplets and Montagues. It coud be fantastic or all go horribly wrong!


lovely outfit?

kirstyb said...

love the pattern of that dress x

BBM said...

giiiiirrrrllll did u seriously go to school with that bomb outfit on? ure hands down best dressed there! supa dupa cute! WORRRK IT!

Elaine said...

Great tights!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Missy said...

i'm in love with your jacket!

For everything about fashion:

Violet said...

love the floral how you put a t-shirt over it! i like the zipper necklace too

thanks for commenting stop by my blog anytime!

Vi from Cali

Silvia Couture said...

the socks..I do that to..not on purpose lol that's the coolest necklace!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

That necklace is fantastic. I love your floral dress too!

-The Trendy Fashionista

Jessica said...

i love how you wore the dress over a shirt. I like the whole outfit. It colorful yet not over the top. : )

Cheryl Clarke said...

let me tell you how much i love that jacket...a lot!

i follow you now; check out my blog and feel free to follow me.


Alan Li said...

I really like the tights and the jacket a lot! Try the outfit without the t-shirt, I think it would look a bit more summery and breezy, you know? Everything else is gorgeous though! Keep it up! And sorry about the email delay, I will get on that tomorrow!

☮ midnightintern ☮ said...

Hey Miss,

I gave you a Happy 101 Award! Check it out here:


Love your work xo

Margaret said...

gosh you're tall!
and the mismatched socks look very cool with the mask :)
loving that floral print

Sky Pies said...

I love your necklace!!!! Thanks for ur lovely post!!! <3


The CultureCynic said...

the look is fantastic and FUN...i adore the clash of patterns...!!!

Trishna said...

Love your dress and the necklace is sheer genius. :)

Phuong said...

WOW great! Love the floral dress with zipper details :D

Mila said...

Great shoes!

Delightfully Tacky said...

I love the dress! And that necklace is way cool.

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

LOVE the bold florals and the exposed zip boots! been scrolling through your posts, cool blog! we'll definitely be back. come follow TBAG if you fancy. xx

サブ said...

Those are aaaamaaazing tights!


Nathalie Maggiori said...

That necklace is a little bit weird but I do love it! Have a nice Sunday!

Harlem Loves said...

That zipper necklace is gorgeous! Love your blog


Rae said...

You have such a cute blog. I absolutely love your shoes and the zipper necklace (I think that was really clever). Come follow my blog and I will definitely follow yours!

Take a Walk on a Rae of Sunshine:

PinkBow said...

i like the 3rd pic, great outfit.

michelle_ said...

love the stockings and zippers !
i think i wrote a comment before but dunno if it got saved or not, so i wrote another one :)

dont forget to enter my Sex & the City 2 Film Set Tour giveaway !

Mari Figueiró said...

OMG! I want that zippers neckale, is awesome! So creative! :D

Girl, thanks for the comments on my blog, i'm from Brazil! I'm following you now, kisses!

DiogoDantas said...

hello beauty

you blog is very interesting.

can you visit and follow my blog?



Karimi. said...

Religion will probably be one of the most intricate topics one could ever have. :P

P.S. I LOVE that outfit, especially the shoes. ;D

E said...

I love the mix of florals and lace!

Sonya said...

Seriously, nothing beats florals and zippers! Love everything you are wearing, especially the jacket!


Lindsay LeBoyer said...

Love the necklace, and I can't believe you got that dress for $3! What a great find!


michelle_ said...

thx for your comment :)
hope you have had a nice weekend !!

NANCYXO said...

LOVE the jacket. I have one similar from H&M
XO nancy

The Queen of Hearts said...

Your necklace is totally rad -- I definitely need to scoop up one of those. Also, the tights, absolutely fabulous. I need to stock up on some cool ones for the fall. And you better shut it down as Mercutio! I absolutely love the rendition of him in the Romeno & Juliet with Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio.

off with her head!

meggasus said...

I love how you wore everything to prom! lol very creative of u finding ways to re use the beautiful dress!

btw im lovin your blog... VERY COOL! ;)

mel said...

i totally love everything about your outfit!! the dress, shoes, necklace, jacket! you look awesome! an dyou're so tall, lucky girl


Emmi said...

Oooh the tights and the necklace are just gorgeous!:) The colourful dress goes well with black accessories.

You have a beautiful and INTERESTING blog!:) Will now become a follower. Follow mine too?

Have a nice week!


Malu said...

Such a cool statement necklace, it's really awesome! I love the photos:D


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Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!

Nicole Jarecz said...

very cute, i like it paired with the leather jacket!

Lo said...

love love LOVE the outfit!! you have some good style lady =]

Lo said...

love love LOVE the outfit! you have good style lady =]

CMA said...

so lovely, great look
loving your blog, keep it going
and thanks for sharing, so wonderful!


Jeanne-Ange said...

I'm in love with your shoes' zipper details.

amy kelinda said...

Awww, I remember when I was in theatre! I do miss those days. And you're right, Mercutio IS awesome! I love the edginess of your outfit, it's sassy!

Missy said...

thanks for your sweet comment! you want to exchange blog links?

For everything about fashion:

micol zanzuri said...

love the neklace

Marta Represa said...

Oh love your styling! The perfecto and the tights are just gorgeous.
xxLove from Paris

Walk The Sand said...

Perfect print on that dress! And the zipper necklace is so awesome.

ellesappelle said...

I like the contrast betweet the pretty flowers & the leather!

princesspolitico said...

how adorable are you?! that dress with casual top is absolutely perfect. you look fantastic :)


RoseBarbie said...

Love the outfit...it looks great :)

I followed you, follow me too please?? :)



Fashion is a Playground said...

Wish I could wear those tights !

Hildi**** said...

i love ur style unique and creative...love that zipper chain

Michelle Elaine said...

The zipper necklace is muy clever!

I saw you liked "Clocked Fashion's" DIY Miu Miu heels - just thought I'd share my DIY Miu Miu tights with you: http://www.fvncy.com/2010/03/miu-miu.html


Nicosi said...

Im such a fan of fashion contradictions! Love seeing people express themselves outside the box. Florals & Leather Jackets? Me loves. Now following you!!! xx

Hell Notes for Beauty said...

Very unique necklace.

FeRsiiLlE said...

I <3 this outfit so rOcker chic!
OMG and your zipper collar and booties, i'm so into zippers too!


Lolliechan said...

I looove the dress & shoes !!
It's my 1st comment on your blog (ive just discovered it ^^ )
You seem to be a great artist...

Loudy said...

amazing shorts in the firsts pics and the thihts.....dream!!

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