Holy Fedora!

Dress: (Thrifted)
Stocking: Dillards
Shoes: (Thrifted)
Fedora: Walmart
Necklace: gift from mom
Ring: Mom's ( Beauty Supply Store)

         I was so excited when I saw this fedora sitting on a clothes rack at Walmart in the Men's section. I knew as soon as I layed eyes on it, it would be mine. I love this hat, it is my new favorite item. I have worn it almost everyday in the past week. I want to buy two more fedoras this summer, a cute dark brown one that I saw at Target, and an all black fedora from the new rue21 in my town. And although I didn't get an interview for that store, my sister and I went job hunting today and the manager at one of our local Dots stores loved me! I filled out my application on the spot, she lightly questioned me, and told me to expect a phone call later this week to come in for an interview. Yes! I am too excited! Wish me luck, and send me postive energy!

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The Black Minnie!


(Oh, I fooled you! Turned my dress into a top! You likey??)

Buy this dress here: SHOP La Stylin Girraffe

Dress: J.F.W
Shorts: (Thrifted)
Shoes: Charlotte Russe (Thrifted)
Ears: Disney World
Necklace: Hair Supply Store

    This is the dress I wore to my high school graduation! My graduation was May 28th, class of 2010!!! So glad I'm out of there!

( Me and the chic friend Kyle)

I'm selling this dress, matter of fact I think I'm going to create another blog titled Shop La' Stylin Girraffe, with very affordable prices of course, because I am a thrifter myself. What do you guys think? Prices my will rage from $10- $30 an item! Yay! This might be fun!

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No More School Baby!

(yeah, these are old. I still have bangs!!)


 (You all know my chic friend Kyle!!)

blazer: (Thrifted) Goodwill $4
floral shirt: (Thrifted) Plato's
collar shirt: (Thrifted)
skirt: (Thrifted) Plato's
boots: (Thrifted) Goodwill $10
necklaces: Forever 21

         About two weeks ago, my friend Bernice told Kyle, Angie, and I that rue21 was opening in our local mall, and that they were now hiring. Me and Kyle were so excited because be both love fashion, so this is what we wore to turn in applications. Oh, and that ruffled skirt is really a ruffled shirt, it' really cute so I had to get a little crafty. Thank you for all of the comments wishing me luck on my finals last week, gave me some motivation, but in all truth I didn't really study for any of them.... at all. I make A's and B's so even if I bombed the finals I knew that I would still pass all of my classes. Yes, I did just enough to get by, senioritus hit me hard those last two weeks. I am so glad that high school is over!! My graduation is this Friday and it will make it official that I am no longer a high school senior, but a college freshman.... Whooo-Hooooo!!

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2 More Days! Oh, and New Hair!

            I was crazy causal this week because it's finals week and I don't feel like getting fancy! Ha! Nothing toosnazzy, but I had to take some photos!!

Yay! So check my hair, I have bangs now! You like?? I LOVE!!

( I love these Converses, I got them in my hometown Las Vegas about  4 or 5 years ago. They are my fav because instead of the classic logo, the converse star is sticthed with black string straight onto the shoe... Now that I think about it alot of people may have these, but I just think are so cool!!)

( This is my Mom's Betsey Johnson's Tea Party Ring, totally stole it for today!! You can really see it in the picture below!!)

(Isn't it adorable!!)

( I love this yellow purse, I swear I have had it forever!!!)

Baseball Tee: (Thrifted)
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Converses
Ring: Betsey Johnson
Bag: (Thrifted)
Belt: (Thrifted)
Necklaces: Anchor Blue and Forever 21
Glasses: (Thrifted)


( yay me and my girl Angela Marie... a.k.a Angie)

I swear me and Angie have taken.... 188,999,0393,000,388,996 pics together!!

Here are a few just a few!!

At Truetts when milkshakes were 50 cents! I think it was customer appreciation week or something, they had a baloon guy so it was really fun!

At the tuxedo place where kyle was fitted for his tuxedo for prom! Me and Angela playin around!

Ha, I look baked.

You guys know my fabulous friend Kyle, he's in my last post and he is super chic!! He won best dressed for our senior superlatives and I won class clown.... Ha! Not sure if I'm too proud of that...... Yeah.. Yeah I am...anyways his family bought him a car this year and I started riding with him to school. Everyday after school we would go to Taco Bell for hours and have the greatest times!!  We are in Taco Bell waiting for our food! We even got kicked out by the cops once, but that day we weren't even loud, the manager was just having a bad day! That scared the shit out of us.

Me, Angie and Kyle went to Starbucks one weekend and we've been going ever since. These last two weeks of school we have been leaving early in the morning so we have enough time to relax there before school.

Isn't she a cutie! I love the print of that summer dress, she looks great in it!

I saw this today on facebook and it made me tear up a little bit, we got out cap and gowns Friday and did a senior walk through the halls of our school. Me, Angie, Kyle, and even the absent guy Lame James are all gonna hang out this summer all the time but it is going to be sad when we all have to part ways.


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