9 more days and Green Ruffles!

( Entering drama class. Never ever worn this skirt until now... glad I finally did, it's been taunting me.)

( Yay, high school musical jump... gone wrong)

( Love my black ring from Forever 21, I know everyone must have it..)

( I love the collar of this jacket)

( Thought I'd pull in some more stylish friends Kyle and Addy)

( My last days in the hall of my highschool)

(yay random creeper in the back)

( Love the ruffles)

( First pics outside in the sun)

( Yay! I love Alex and Haley, totally off task during art class.)

Jacket: Wet Seal (Thrifted)
Cardigan: Express
Shirt: (Thrifted)
Skirt: (Thrifted)
Tights: Dillards
Shoes: GAP ( Thrifted)
Purse: (Thrifted)
Necklaces: Forever 21, Blue Anchor
Ring: Forever 21
Earings: (Thrifted)

                           Damn, this whole graduation thing is oh so exciting...Even more exciting I got an e-mail from Mellissa Mann from Glamour.com!! You just might see me as their best dressed reader of the day soon, who knows?? My friend Bernice went for an interview for the new rue21 opening up at the nearest mall a couple of days ago, she told me and my friends Kyle and Angie, and we turned in applications the next day. The thing is the opening is around the 20th, I still have hope that I will get a call back though.... Pray for me(send me positive energy), I want/need/would looove that job so bad.. I'm gonna post what we wore to turn in our applications together next week.

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Meggstatus said...

Graduating is such a huge step, but it's just the beginning. I'm sure you will do amazing things. And congratulations on the (possible) Glamor feature!

amy kelinda said...

Awww, you and your friends are so cute! Did you gals stick those flowers UP your noses?! Haha! My allergies would kill me!

mickeyi'm said...

fun picx..i really like the last few

sarah said...

aww what cute pictures! great blog!!

Jonesy said...

Good Luck!!!!


sayablack said...

I adore your skirt.
Beautiful green<3

Kelly said...

I love your green skirt!
Looks great on you!
You are so pretty!


I love the first picture

Hell Notes for Beauty said...

You have not seen nothing yet. You are really going to enjoy life now! Very fun and exciting. Can't wait to see you do big things!

miss jane said...

Just came across your blog. I always see you commenting on everyone's blog, so I decided to check yours out and low-and-behold you are from Atlanta! So am I, obvi. Love your style. You seem like such a fun young lady. Congrats on the upcoming graduation and look forward to more posts :)

Walk The Sand said...

Awesome colour of that skirt. Really love the necklaces too.
Great blog.

Le Petit said...

Great ruffle skirt! I love eyelet detailing like this - great for spring/summer! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Pay me another visit soon. Love.

Le Petit said...

Great skirt...I love eyelet detailing like this! Perfect for spring/summer. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Visit again soon.

Vicki said...

great pics!! cant wait to see you on glamour.com! :)
vicki xo

-Domanek. said...

Cool Photos :D
Hope You Get The Job !
Congrats on Graduatingg !

Laura said...

Cool cool pictures and outfit...

barbielaura.com and bloglovin

Anna said...

I like the minty-ness of the skirt, although it might not be that color at all since most of the pictures were taken outside. But I do love your skirt!

FashionSheep said...

This pictures are so cute!
You are absolutely adorable. :D
You have a new follower and friend.
Kisses from Spain (k)

Tinja said...

Congrats on the Glamour thing :) Love your skirt, so cute!


Cute skirt!

*chara said...

Hi! Check my blog if you want!

JP said...

you look so chic! love your skirt.
nice blog too ;)

kisses from Russia,

Beth said...

Love the color of that skirt!

Katnani said...

The skirt is LOVE!


The Trendy Fashionista said...

That skirt is lovely! Good luck :)

-The Trendy Fashionista

Christy said...

I totally used to have that striped shirt. I kept it forever and then gave it to my crafty friend and she cut it up and attached it to another shirt to make a dress.

It's from Limite I'm pretty sure.
nice pictures!

Dress Rehearsal

Toni. said...

These pics are really pretty.. great photography

Thanks for the comment, and the Miley Cyrus Video is on my blog!!

stylechanges said...

nice pictures lovely skirt

Glowing Doll said...

Great skirt and love your poses. Congrats on getting contacted by Glamor, that is awesome!!!

Rosanna said...

i love the color fo your skirt!


Ilse said...

the skirt is beautiful!

delilah said...

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! congratulations on your coming graduation and possible feature in glamour!

following your blog now!


Martwa Marta said...

ahh, graduation is only the beginning!
lovely photos! and you matched the pieces so well!

LoliTa said...




cute skirt!

kirstyb said...

great pics love the skirt x

Empress said...

love your style and your blog! The skirt is very cute and so are your sketches!

True Queen

Victoire said...

I love the color of that bag! and your jacket is way cool :)


M said...

ahh. high school! enjoy your last few days like craAzy!!


& good luck with Glamour!

Princess Bella said...

hey thanks for the comment .... well that was just a nikon coolpix camera but thank for the compliment!!!!....=)
nice blog!!!

faith without ridges said...

That is a great outfit :) you really look like a model in those first two outside pictures too.
Congrats on graduating soon!

LA said...


This outfit is really really GORGEOUS!

Great style darling!


kirstyb said...

loving that tee xxxx

Imo said...

These pics are fab and fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

katerina said...

Nice skirt! Thanks for your comment! I am following!

Chanel Craves said...

Great blog. Congrats on graduating!!! That ruffle skirt is perfect for spring.

Come visit my blog.


buenooo said...

You are beautifull :)
and cool photos <33

Ms Confashion said...

Luuuuuurving them ruffles and the necklaces aswell - you look amazing in the outdoors shots - really cute in the "picking flowers"-one!
fab pics :-)
<3 Nete

Kimberly Michelle said...

You look fab. Hope the gig with Glamour goes well and hope your friend gets the job with rue21.

Best of wishes,
Kimberly M.

princesspolitico said...

congratulations on your graduation and impending feature on glamor! what amazing opportunities you have lined up – very VERY cute skirt, you rarely see colors like that featured!


Pixie Dust said...

Amazing blog hon!
I wanted to let you know about my big giveaway - check it out, you can win makeup&accessories!!! :))


Lisa said...

Congrats on graduating HS soon!

And I'm sending out good vibes that you'll get the job you want!

Alan Li said...

I love the bright colors with the leather jacket, it's so chic!

Britty said...

great style!

Dylana Suarez said...

I totally love your skirt!


Emerald Dandy said...

Thanks for the warm welcome - I love your blog! Congratulations on Graduating, it's such an exciting time!

Cheers from Seattle,

Emerald Dandy

WendyB said...

Loving the "nose flower" photo.

BBM said...

aawww love ... i soooo know ure gonna be doing FABULOUS things after HS! ure amazing and u look amazing, so full of life as always! xoxo!

Leslee said...

Great snapshots.

Stephanie Alex said...

great shots!

g!0ry$ said...

love this look specially the shoes....cool A+

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